Exploring Writing Workbook 1

Exploring Writing Workbook 1


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  • Students not only need to communicate in acceptable standard English, but also to use the language appropriately to suit the purpose and audience they are writing for.
  • Exploring Writing is a series of two workbooks designed to meet that need.
  • Containing different types of text and activities, the workbooks show students how to recognise these texts and the language features used in the texts before they attempt the writing assignments.
  • The intended outcome is for students to write confidently and fluently.


  • covers a range of text types such as recounts, reports, expositions, narratives and short functional texts
  • provide information on how to recognise various types of text
  • each unit focuses on a text type and begins with a model of that text
  • activities highlight key features of the text
  • checklists help students to write according to the intended purpose and audience
  • provide space for students to make notes and create their own piece of writing.

Ideal for Secondary