English for Queensland Units 1 & 2 Student book + obook assess

English for Queensland Units 1 & 2 Student book + obook assess


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020


Our brand new two-volume series, English for Queensland, is designed to exemplify possible learning pathways and model approaches to text analysis and creation by providing depth and complete coverage of the new syllabus in a format that encourages all students to succeed. With our new English for Queensland Units 1 & 2 title, you can trust our expert Queensland authors and award-winning publishing team to support you with the tools and resources you need to implement the new Senior English syllabus.

Our Senior English resources are designed to reduce the stress of syllabus implementation, save you time when lesson planning, and ensure the best learning outcomes for your students.


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Unit 1 Language that works

Chapter 1 A fresh start: tools for success

Chapter 2 Getting there: working in the travel industry

Chapter 3 Solving it: managing workplace conflict


Unit 2 Texts and human experience

Chapter 4 Don’t give up – inspiration through film

Chapter 5 Digging deeper: interpreting texts from different perspectives

Chapter 6 The Corners of my Mind: personal writing