Developing Atlas Skills - Ages 8 - 10

Developing Atlas Skills - Ages 8 - 10


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RIC Blackline Masters & Boxes

Developing atlas skills through crosswords blackline masters is designed to expand students’ knowledge of their physical world. Using crosswords as their medium, the activities encourage students to use a hands-on approach to exploring the atlas, the Internet and other reference sources. They also explain and reinforce the concepts of time differences (GMT), distance scales and eight main compass points.


  • utilises atlas skills to complete crosswords
  • additional background information, hints and explanations for specified clues
  • concise student instructions for completing the crosswords
  • a list of places used in the crosswords
  • specific teacher information about latitude and longitude
  • specific teacher information about the use of an atlas index
  • requires students to continually use the eight main compass points
  • answers
  • outcome links