Comprehension 4 Young Readers Ages 5 - 7

Comprehension 4 Young Readers Ages 5 - 7


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RIC Blackline Masters & Boxes

The focus of these blackline masters is to help reinforce the student’s knowledge and understanding of the insect and animal world. The book contains thirteen high-interest topics covering the literal, inferential and evaluative areas of questioning.

The straightforward text and consistent layout make it easy for the student to concentrate on the task at hand. New vocabulary has been introduced in context thus making the text meaningful and at the same time extending the student’s vocabulary.


  • designed to be used in the early stages of learning to read
  • the blackline master activities are also useful for older students who need additional help with readingand comprehension
  • new vocabulary is introduced in context
  • stories are kept simple and questions progress from literal to evaluative
  • teachers notes and answers