Cambridge Essential English for Queensland Units 3 & 4 print and digital

Cambridge Essential English for Queensland Units 3 & 4 print and digital


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020

Approximate publication date:  30th May 2019

Cambridge Essential English for Queensland invites students to communicate and interact with others effectively by studying language and texts that are relevant to their everyday lives. Students are encouraged to develop critical and creative thinking skills as they consolidate essential vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and grammar skills, and prepare for the common internal assessment. Comprehensively covers the new Essential English curriculum to be implemented in 2019. Written by a team of practising teachers with experience in curriculum development and writing resources for applied English courses. Reflects the interests of today’s students with a wide range of studied English texts including street art, graphic novels and digital texts. Features a range of scaffolded listening, speaking, reading, designing and writing activities to develop, consolidate and apply English skills appropriately. Includes support for all teachers, including those new to teaching English, with guidance on presenting responses and extra grammar activities with answers. Brings the study of English to life with rich digital content provided in the Interactive Textbook.