Bullying & Conflict Resolution Ages 12 - 15+

Bullying & Conflict Resolution Ages 12 - 15+


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RIC Blackline Masters & Boxes

Identify and Prevent Bullying

This comprehensive book containing a variety of blackline master activities to help students identify, cope with and prevent conflict and bullying situations. It explores issues relevant to students to help them prevent conflict, such as peace, tolerance and values.


  • a series of activities to help students to identify, cope with and prevent conflict and bullying situations
  • activities to help students to identify different values such as tolerance, self-esteem, kindness, coping with stress, human rights, empathy, forgiveness, dealing with criticism, perseverance, honesty, responsibility and trust
  • relevant scenarios and role-plays to develop concepts and attitudes
  • teachers notes, outcome links and discussion points for each student activity