Australian Aboriginal Culture Ages 5 - 6

Australian Aboriginal Culture Ages 5 - 6


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RIC Blackline Masters & Boxes

Explores Vital Aspects of Aboriginal Life

The Australian Aboriginal Culture blackline master series explores vital aspects of traditional Aboriginal life and acknowledges the changes that have occurred since European arrival. The book is divided into five sections and contains activities from the learning areas of, predominantly, English and Society and Environment.

Comprehensive background information and detailed teachers notes accompany each activity and support the teacher in promoting discussion, questioning and collaborative learning in the classroom.

The books are broken down into five encompassing topics:

  • In the Past;
  • Cultural Identity;
  • Communication;
  • Using the Environment; and
  • Rules and Responsibilities.

Each topic includes:

  • indicators outlining the lesson focus;
  • relevant background information for the teacher;
  • student information and accompanying comprehension questions;
  • predominantly literacy-based activities to enhance student understanding of the lesson focus;
  • an icon that denotes the suggested age level for each blackline master activity sheet; and
  • outcome links and answers provided.